Highland Secrets of Suzanne

About Highland Secrets of Suzanne


Highland Secrets prides itself in providing exceptional hand made kilts and Scottish clothing. Suzanne has been designing and sewing clothing for over 25 years. Her expertise has ranged from exclusively designed tailoring of coats and jackets to designing and sewing exquisite wedding dresses.

It was Suzanne’s professional music career that led to her starting Highland Secrets. When she and her husband, Charlie, founded the Scottish musical group, Lochanside, Suzanne, who plays bagpipe, whistle, and bodhran, also made all their kilts and Scottish clothing for performing. Over the years, after seeing Lochanside perform, many people would request of Suzanne to make her style and quality of clothing for them too! It was not long after when the demand for her Scottish clothing would usher in the beginnings of Highland Secrets.

You can be confident that every hand made kilt and Scottish clothing item will be made with attention to detail and precision in construction, rarely seen in clothing today. This workmanship results in long wearabilty, and a look that shows the class of quality.