Highland Secrets of Suzanne

Questions & Answers

Below you will find questions that we are frequently asked. If our answers do not saisfy your particular question or you would like further details, please call or use our Contact Form.

Q. Is wool hot to wear in the summer?

A. Being a natural fiber, wool is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What you wear on the top half of your body makes the difference. Our linen shirts, blouses, and jackets also keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Q. If I don't have a family tartan, what would be appropriate to wear?

A. Highland Secrets offers a large variety of non-tartan plaids and solids to choose from. Also, the following tartans are not associated with a particular family: Black Watch, Spirit of Scotland, Flower of Scotland, Isle of Skye, Pride of Scotland, Millenium, Paisley, Glasgow and National Irish Tartans.

Q. What is the difference between Modern, Ancient, Hunting, and Weathered Tartans?

A. Modern Tartans have strong, vivid colors, due to the use of modern dyes. Ancient Tartans are created to give a softer, and lighter appearance. Hunting Tartans contain more green hues in the fabric, making them blend into the natural settings of outdoors. Weathered Tartans are created to give the fabric a faded and muted, old look to the fabric.

Q. Can you make both a man's and a ladies' outfit from the same color and material?

A. Yes, both in family tartans, and in non-tartan fabric. Whatever your clothing needs, we will do our best to 'make your day'!

Q. How many yards of fabric are used in making the Great Kilt?

A. Centuries ago, Highlanders not only hunted and fought in their plaid, they slept in it! The expression, "the whole 9 yards", came from the amount of material (approx. 9 yards) used to outfit our hearty ancestors. In those days, fabric was only woven in single widths (approx. 28 inches). This amount of fabric in single width is equivalent to Highland Secrets' double width fabric (between 4-1/2 and 7-1/2 yards) used in making our Great Kilts. The latter yardage represents a mighty big Highlander!

Q. What is the difference between Highland Secrets' Great Kilt, and that of others, who sell the yardage of material, with instructions on how to make it into a Great kilt?

A. Lying down on the ground or floor to gather up your self-pleated material, and hoping that when you stand up it all stays together, takes a great deal of patience and time. Too often it can look like something is, and went, wrong! Highland Secrets takes the work and worry out of all of this. There is no lying down required, because our Great Kilt is Pre-pleated, belt channeled, and custom sized to fit your personal measurements. Whatever your size, you'll always look your finest in a Highland Secrets Kilt!

Q. How long should a kilt be?

A. It's an individual choice, but generally to the middle of the knee. A wee bit lower or daringly a wee bit higher, will not raise any eyebrows. There is always enough leeway to make a slight accommodation to your mood at the time.

Q. How do you measure for a kilt?

A. Measurement information for all of our products can be found on our Measurements & Sizes page. You can also feel free to call us during our normal business hours.

Q. How long does it take to get a kilt?

A. The Great Kilt in a non-tartan wool (or blend if desired) can be delivered to you within 3 weeks. In a specific tartan, the time would be approximately 4 weeks. Formal Dress and Casual Dress Kilts take approximately 6-8 weeks. Women's clothing generally takes from 3-6 weeks, depending on the item and the time of year. Most of our non-sized items can be sent to you within the week.

Q. What if I need to get an outfit right away?

A. In situations where there is a deadline that needs special attention, we have been known to do miracles. Miracles never cease, however, they don't always happen! For rush orders we suggest you call us directly.

Q. If I buy an entire kilt outfit, or am purchasing many outfits for a pipe band or wedding party, do you give discounts?

A. Yes! Just ask us, you'll find that we will be very happy to make you very happy!

Q. I purchassed an article of clothing and want to know how to care for it?

A. We have come up with basic guidelines for care and cleaning of your kilt or scottish clothing. You can view them here.

Q. I misplaced the instructions you sent for putting on the Highland Secrets pre-pleated Great Kilt. Can you send them again?

A. We'll go one step better and give give them to you now. Click here to view and print the instructions on wearing our pre-pleated Great Kilt.