Highland Secrets of Suzanne

Care and Cleaning of our Kilts and Scottish Clothing

We recommend that you dry clean all woolen garments. When a kilt gets spotted, often just dabbing with water and mild soap, and then dabbing it dry with a clean cloth ( not paper product ), will achieve good results. However, do not rub or scrub at a stain.

Hanging your kilt and other garments allows any wrinkles to relax. Steaming your kilt works well when hanging is not enough. Never use a steam iron, unless you use extreme caution, always using a cotton cloth between the iron and the woolen kilt to be pressed. If you are in doubt, it is always best to ere on the side of caution, and go to a professional cleaner. A kilt, as with any fine piece of Scottish clothing, is like the highland pipes… they'll be with you forever.

Our linen products, including chemise, blouse, leine, and gent's shirt should be washed ( we recommend hand washing ) in cold water and hung to dry. Linen blends can be ironed with medium heat. Pure linen can be ironed with a sprinkling of water and higher heat, if you desire a highly pressed look to your linen fabric.

All our Polar Fleece products, including Kinsale cloak, and balmoral hats, can be washed in the washing machine using very gentle cycle and cold water, They can be hung to dry or put in dryer on low heat only. Do not use fabric softener.