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Children's Kilt and Dresses

We are glad to personally design a kilt or dress for you. As an example, we have often custom made our Great Kilt to be worn by children. Below, you can find our standard and popular Scottish clothing outfits for children.

Remember - Prices Include Shipping and Handling.

Children's Kilt
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Children's Kilt

Each children’s kilt comes with elastic at the back of the waist, and are made from 100% worsted wool in 10oz. weight. There is a generous amount of fabric for nice deep pleats. Available in most clan tartans. An optional mini-fly plaid, which drapes over the shoulder in matching fabric, is available. Sizing of the children's kilt goes from 20 inch to 26 inch waist. Other sizes can be accommodated.

$170.00 with optional mini-fly plaid.


Children's Dress

Available in Black Watch, Royal Stewart, Lindsay, and other tartans, this attractive dress comes in a light weight 8oz. worsted wool. Sizes come in 2yr., 3-4yr., 5-6yr., 7-8yr.